There are many benefits when you join BPW. Below are just a few that members take advantage of.

Networking, Networking, Networking!

Opportunities to meet and share with women across many occupations, ages, and backgrounds in your area and across the state.

Market Your Business

Get to know members in your community and members from around Washington State at state meetings and by advertising and participating in the Market Place Expo.

A Voice on Legislation

BPW/WA works hard to keep you informed on important legislative issues that affect women and families. You get knowledge, visibility, and influence speaking to your representatives or joining BPWwa/PAC (Political Action Committee).

Member Resources

Access to the current BPW/WA member directory, the WBW magazine, and the resources of BPW Foundation in Washington D.C. that houses the most extensive library relating to working women’s issues since WWI.

Leadership Development

Participate in the Individual Development (ID) Program and the Young Careerist (YC) Program to enhance your professional skills.

Excellent Business Services

Through other BPW members, you have access to experienced and trustworthy services, along with excellent meeting speakers that educate and enhance you and your business.

WSBPW Foundation

Learn about Washington State BPW Foundation and their many scholarships. Go to BPW/WA Foundation.